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Pastors Allen and Jacelyn "Lady Jay" Hunter met in April 2016 and married on November 19th, 2016. They were so happy to be embarking on their journey of being with one another; however, settling into life was immediately difficult. Allen and Jacelyn found themselves laid off within the first six months of marriage. After Jacelyn graduated from Prairie View A&M University with her master's, Allen turned to her and said, "Would you go with me to Seattle if that is where God is leading me?" She responded, "Yes, I would." So, they sold and gave away everything they had and moved to Seattle, Washington, in 2017 with a directive from God to start the ministry. Pastor Allen and Lady Jay were sure of the call; however unsure of how to execute it or what the church would look like until God sent a word through an amazing woman of God and Minister. On a phone call, Minister Wilson (Houston, Tx.) said, "Who told you two that this ministry had to be inside of the brick and mortar?" Pastor Hunter responded, "That is what I always envisioned it to be. I am supposed to Pastor." Minister Wilson replied, "I believe that. But you and Jay have a chance to do church differently. Allow God to shake up what you have envisioned." That conversation sparked redirection! A few weeks later, they ended the contract for the room they held conventional Bible Study. Then Dominion and Power Ministries Seattle officially became an outreach ministry! The ministry would not initially include membership but volunteers only with a desire to feed the hungry, help the less fortunate, aid the youth, and heal relationships of all types with a specialization in healing and deliverance. Outreach began as God released Pastors Allen and Jacelyn to start "The Forum Series," which brings to the forefront complex, controversial, and even sensitive topics for public discussion regarding the church. This was an effort to carry out their foundational mandate of healing relationships within the body of Christ, restoring relationships positionally across the faith while ensuring that, without a doubt, more importantly, relationships are being reconciled with God and His children. Pastors Allen and Jacelyn will tell you that if there is no relationship with God or one another, there can be no understanding, and ultimately there will be no healing.

The Hunters went on to do three essential forms, The Pulpit vs The Musician's Pit, Domestic Violence in the Church, and Pornia Seizes the Temple. There was more the ministry went on to do in the community. In December 2020, Dominion and Power Ministries Seattle hosted a gospel concert to unite the Seattle community. The performance included Grammy and Stellar award-winning gospel artists Vanessa Bell-Armstrong and the late Shawn McLemore and local Seattle talent. Dominion and Power Ministries Seattle also went on to get established a proclamation for the month of November for "Domestic Violence Awareness in the Church." In the wake of the death of George Floyd, under God's directive, Pastors Allen and Jacelyn put on a "Prayer & Unity Rally" in August of 2020 to unite Seattle's community.

Soon after, Dominion and Power Ministries became an online ministry exclusively that ministers the Gospel from beginning to end, with nothing being added or taken away. Then at God's redirection, Pastors Allen and Jacelyn left Seattle, Washington, a little after five years and moved back to Houston, Texas, to continue the mandate of healing the community, restoring the Holy Spirit to the church, healing, and deliverance, being a safe place within the faith community and bringing glory to God in Jesus name. Currently, the virtual ministry is still thriving and has now begun our in-person weekly service. There is preparation being made in Houston, Tx, to establish DAP Head Quarters.


It most definitely has not been a smooth road! The road is never easy when you go against everything that defies human logic and execution to complete a God assignment. The struggles began with character challenges that my husband and I faced individually and collectively that would have impacted the ministry if not dealt with. Pastor Allen was battling four decades of addiction to pornography and masturbation, along with a secret dislike for women, rejection, and depression. Pastor Jay was battling insecurity that carried over from being cheated on and discarded by the other woman in her first marriage. It caused her to demand stringent guidelines for Pastor Allen when encountering women in the ministry.


Other struggles included finances, the participation of the people, and the lack of clergy inclusion and camaraderie. However, the ones from the outside could be overcome, but the ones on the inside had the potential to misrepresent the Kingdom of God and destroy our marriage along with the God assignment.

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