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From the very first time I joined this ministry I felt APART of something that MATTERED. Something BIGGER than myself! From the God given and God led teachings, to one on one phone calls and prayers, to the ENCOURAGEMENT  and TRANSPARENCY from the Leaders Apostle Allen and Apostle Lady Jay and also encouragement from my brothers and sisters in the ministry. It has been a pleasure, HONOR and journey since I joined this ministry in February of 2022.

This Ministry is definitely one that TEACHES and URGES you yo STUDY the word for yourself and also begin yo HEAR and SEEK God like never before! The level of GROWTH that I have acquires while apart of this ministry has been amazing! The pruning, the constant desire to please and live for God and help create disciples to do the same is top tier for me! 10/10 HIGHLY recommend the ministry. I would like to give a disclaimer..

WARNING ⚠️: If you're NOT ready for change growth and to BROKEN AND MADE NEW, this ministry might not be for you! Of you're not ready to fight like never before SPIRITUALLY, this ministry may not be for you, but if you're ready for TRUE CHANGE, GROWTH and ELEVATION IN CHRIST JESUS and your SPIRTUAL walk then THIS IS THE PLACE TO BE! I LOVE DAP MIN!

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