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The Power of Perspective: How Looking to the Hill Can Change Your Outlook

Psalm 121:1-2 (ESV): "I lift up my eyes to the hills. From where does my help come? My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth."

Lifting Our Eyes to the Hills

"I lift up my eyes to the hills..."

This opening line captures a moment of contemplation and searching. In ancient Israel, the hills often represented a place of safety and refuge. Travelers would look to the hills for protection and guidance, as they symbolized stability and permanence. However, the psalmist quickly shifts the focus from the hills themselves to the true source of help.

Seeking Divine Help

"From where does my help come?"

This rhetorical question reflects a deep yearning for support and guidance. It acknowledges human vulnerability and the need for assistance beyond oneself. In times of trouble, uncertainty, or distress, it is natural to seek help. The psalmist directs this question to guide the reader to the ultimate answer.

The Source of Our Help

"My help comes from the Lord..."

The psalmist answers the question with a profound truth: our help comes from the Lord. This declaration emphasizes reliance on God, not on any earthly security source. It reminds us that while we may look to various things for support, our ultimate help and hope are found in God alone.

The Creator of Heaven and Earth

"...who made heaven and earth."

This phrase reinforces God's power and sovereignty. The psalmist highlights His supreme authority and capability by identifying God as the Creator of heaven and earth. If God has the power to create the entire universe, He certainly has the power to help us in our times of need. This assurance can bring great comfort and peace, knowing that the One who helps us is the Almighty Creator.


Practical Application

  • Shift Your Focus: Like the psalmist, we must look beyond our immediate circumstances and challenges. When we focus on God, our perspective shifts from the problem to the One who has the power to solve it.

  • Acknowledge Your Need: Recognizing our need for help is not a sign of weakness but wisdom. It is an acknowledgment of our limitations and an invitation for God to work in our lives.

  • Trust in God's Power: Remind yourself of God's power and sovereignty. Trust that the Creator of the universe is more than capable of handling any situation you face.

  • Seek God First: In moments of distress or decision, seek God first. Prayer, meditation on Scripture, and worship are ways to connect with God and invite His help into your life.

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1 Comment

Really good article I find myself often having to change my perspective on certain things. I find myself being super hard on myself a lot. I have had to ask God to help me with this because honestly I mostly feel like the odd man out.......however I believe that is how one may feel alot as they are surrendered unto Christ. 😊

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